Meet the team

Keilly Witman • Department Head

Keilly started her career in refrigerant management 15 years ago when she launched the EPA’s GreenChill Partnership – the organization widely credited with changing the way the supermarket industry approaches refrigerant management. Her most recent position prior to coming to the Refrigerant Management Solutions group was as H-E-B's Director of Refrigerant Management and Sustainability, where she created their refrigerant management program and implemented it across their H-E-B, Central Market, Mi Tienda, H-E-B Plus, and Joe V's stores. Keilly has held over 100 webinars on refrigerant management and co-authored numerous best practice guidelines for the food retail industry. Keilly’s motto is “every problem is an opportunity – you just might have to hunt for a while.” See her full bio here.

Leia Waln • Program Manager

Leia brings over 12 years of refrigerant compliance experience to our RMS clients. She is well-known within the food retail industry as a refrigerant compliance and reporting subject matter expert. Since starting with RMS at the inception, she has consulted for some of the largest supermarket chains in the country. She has an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience with regulatory requirements and how they apply to the real-world scenarios that retailers face. In addition to overseeing the day-to-day operations of RMS, Leia keeps on top of the ever-changing regulations and provides regulatory updates and training to owners, contractors, and other industry stakeholders. Leia’s motto is “We’re all in this together.”

Sarah Ingold • Project Manager

Sarah has over 8 years of experience helping clients comply with numerous types of regulatory requirements. In addition to being the RMS team’s business and compliance metrics guru, Sarah is key to the broad and ever-increasing range of annual federal, state, and regional compliance reporting. Sarah works with clients to analyze and evaluate the health of their compliance programs at all levels. She then helps to fill in any gaps in these programs with both internal and external process training, standards, and guides. Sarah’s motto is “Leave no stone unturned … unless there are spiders.”

Kelley Novosad • Project Manager

Kelley is the most recent addition to the RMS team. She came to us from a major national service contractor, where her compliance program enabled the company to expand their business with one of the largest food retailers in Texas. She understands how compliance mistakes happen out in the field, and she knows how to fix those issues. Kelley’s experience from the service contractor world makes her the ideal person to lead our contractor training program. Kelley’s motto is “It’s all about trust.”

Amanda Lee • Compliance Manager

Amanda has over a decade of experience in compliance and has been with RMS since 2017. Her exceptional attention to detail and knack for uncovering discrepancies have proven invaluable and pivotal to the success of our clients. Managing RMS’s longest-standing client, she ensures their compliance through process enhancements, tackling complex tasks that require the analysis of copious amounts of data, and ad-hoc and regulatory reporting. Amanda’s expertise extends to understanding the gaps in refrigerant tracking software and identifying areas for improvement. She’s also pursuing her BA in Digital Innovation and Design, focusing on UX research/design and data analysis at Boise State University. Amanda lives by the motto, "Compliance doesn't happen by accident," highlighting her dedication to meticulous compliance practices.

Felicia Lucero • Program Manager

Felicia holds a Juris Doctorate degree and brings 20+ years of legal experience to the RMS Team. She has been with RMS since 2020, having previously worked as a litigation attorney. Her experience interpreting statutes and regulations adds to the RMS team’s ability to implement compliance plans for our clients. Felicia works tirelessly to keep our food retail end-users in compliance, hunting down discrepancies in clients’ paper trails, solving issues with compliance records and invoices, and figuring out “what really happened.” Felicia’s motto is “I love it when the solution to a compliance problem also saves our client money. Now if only I got a percentage … ”

Mercedes Strickland • Compliance Manager

Prior to coming to the RMS team, Mercedes worked as a licensed Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjuster, so she’s used to taking complex regulations and interpreting them for real-life situations. With a combination of professional experience and a degree in Legal Studies, it’s safe to say keeping people in compliance is in her nature. Mercedes continues to put her expertise to work chasing down records from service technicians, auditing refrigerant records, and working with end users to fix compliance issues. Mercedes’ motto is “Show Me the Records.”