Facility owners and operators face an array of regulatory mandates that are difficult to reconcile with business needs. These issues call for a holistic refrigerant strategy. The following resources can help!

Articles, Studies, and other published works written by our team
Why Food Retail Executives Should Prioritize Leak Rate Reduction by Keilly Witman
Case Study: The First Commercial Propane/Carbon Dioxide Cascade Refrigeration System in North America by Tom Wolgamot, Keilly Witman, et al. Study_Commercial Propane CO2 Cascade System.pdf
Five Simple Steps to Reduce Your Refrigerant Leak Rate by Keilly Witman
California’s Refrigerant Incentive Program by Keilly Witman
Clearing the Cost Hurdle for Natural Refrigerants (page 10) by Keilly Witman
Opportunity in a SNAP (page 12) by Keilly Witman
The Final Word on R-22 (page 21) by Keilly Witman
What Is Your Used R-22 Worth? (page 37) by Keilly Witman
What’s All the Hubbub, Bub? (page 14) by Keilly Witman
IPCC’s AR4 Global Warming Potentials
NASRC’s Refrigerant Transition Hub
EPA’s GreenChill Partnership